Money Smart Montrose is teaching a weekly two-hour financial education class at Passage Charter School, a public high school designed to meet the needs of pregnant and parenting teens. It is open to male and female students, ages 14 to 21. It serves up to 24 full-time students, and has an onsite infant/toddler center for up to 18 children.  A focus on basics of money management including developing a financial plan, budgeting, investing, credit and debt and fraud, insurance. In addition, we will offer classes on other topics, including housing options (buying versus renting, and trailers versus houses), buying a car, college financing, and filing taxes.


A NOTE FROM AUTUMN JONES: Project Coordinator with the Montrose Regional Library’s Money Smart Montrose program.

I am so honored & privileged to be a part of these young ladies lives at Passage Charter School.

We are a little over 2 months into the school year and the girls are working really hard to master financial literacy. We are learning about a variety of different topics; we are learning about SMART goal setting and created vision boards with our short, mid and long term goals. We are also learning about Credit & Debt; how to build credit and avoid senseless debt. We are also learning about credit reports and how to avoid any derogatory marks. It is so neat to watch these young women blossom into confident informed consumers; the girls display a great desire to become successful for their children’s futures. It is really special to not only teach the girls but to also share in life with them, watching them mother their teen tiny babies and also chasing toddlers out the door as their school day comes to an end. The excitement in their children’s faces as mommy scoops them up and the determination displayed by these young ladies is astounding. I am not sure who is learning more in these classes, the students or the instructor.

NuVista Credit Union’s Heather Darbe comes to visit us at Passage 2 times a month, Heather is the fun teacher! She brings games, candy and prizes! Heather does a great job creating games and activities for the girls to reinforce the information from classes taught. Heather has a passion for teen moms as well, she has a wealth of knowledge to offer and we are so thankful that NuVista has partnered with the Money Smart Montrose project.